Michel Duquette

Michel Duquette – EIPM North-America Director

Michel Duquette is a proven track record, results driven and creative senior executive leader with more than 25 years of international experience working in multicultural environments, in the areas of product development, strategic sourcing, process optimization and management, helping world class enterprises to increase their profitability. As such, Michel was also invited to teach Master degree in Purchasing Management, in different universities in Europe. Michel main skills are related to his capacity to develop strategies and build the appropriate team in term of skills and processes to achieve it, using training, change management, lean, as well as coaching methodologies and his experience in the Sourcing to Pay activities.

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Bernard Gracia

Bernard Gracia – EIPM Dean & Director

Bernard collaborated in the launching of one of the first post-graduate programmes in Purchasing in the world (MAI – Master Industrial Purchasing for the Bordeaux Business School). In 1990, associated with leading companies in the EU, he founded EIPM. As Director of EIPM, he launched the first MBA specialised in Purchasing in Europe and the first European Roundtable for CPOs. Bernard’s training and research activities focus on Corporate Purchasing Strategy, Purchasing Organisation, and Value Creation Contribution.

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